Tea Operations

Our tea operations include growing, processing, warehousing and marketing of bulk tea through the Mombasa auction and through direct sales to export customers. Our Tea farms are located in the Highlands West of the Rift Valley in Sotik. The Operations comprise four Tea estates covering 1,437 hectares and two large CTC tea factories (Kipkebe and Keritor) with a combined capacity of 10 million kgs of black CTC tea annually. Green leaf to the factories is supplied from our own farms and from selected outgrowers in the region.

Coffee Operations

Our coffee operations include coffee growing, coffee milling, coffee trading and marketing. Our coffee is grown on eight independent estates in the Central Highland of Kenya covering a total of 912 Hectares (2253 acres) under coffee. Annual production normally reaches approximately 1,500 tons. We aim to produce the highest quality of Arabica coffee by ensuring that only the red rip berries are picked from the trees.
We have maintained traditional coffee varieties including SL. 28, French mission, SL. 34, K7 and Blue Mountain. Each estate has its own pulping and wet processing facility. These varieties were introduced into the country early in the 20th Century and with the benefit of good volcanic soil and sunshine they have maintained the fuller, redder and heavier quality of coffee in high demand all over the world.

Coffee Milling

An integral part of our coffee operations is our Coffee Mill located at our Kamundu Coffee Estate in Kiambu district. The Mill has a daily capacity to mill 4,800 bags of clean coffee. Apart from our own coffee, we also mill coffee from small and medium coffee growers located all over the country. We have consistently been able to mill the highest percentage of national coffee production in the country showing the confidence we enjoy from farmers in the country.

In addition to the mill, we have installed a modern coffee roaster in the same facility. Aristocrats Tea and Coffee exporters, the exporting arm of Sasini has been licensed and has effectively exported coffees to international blending houses and roasters. The coffee sector is Utz Certified (Amsterdam stds); Caf Certified (Sturbacks std); attained Diamond Mark of Quality (Kenya Bureau of stds) and we are currently pursuing ISO 22000 standards.

Coffee Trading

Our coffee operations include coffee trading activities through our trading arm Aristocrats Coffee and Tea Exporters Limited. Aristocrats has capacity to export any volumes of quality coffee to any part of the world and has been exporting to some of the leading roasters in Europe. The coffee traded is Utz Certified (Amsterdam stds); Caf Certified (Sturbacks std); attained Diamond Mark of Quality (Kenya Bureau of stds) and we are currently pursuing ISO 22000 standards. In order to ensure quality, we have a fully equipped coffee-liquoring laboratory where all the coffee is analyzed in preparation for export.

Retail Division

Since 2007, as part of its diversification strategy, Sasini invested in a Tea packaging facility in Mombasa and a coffee roasting and packaging facility in Kiambu. It currently produces branded tea and coffee products for the domestic market within its retail division. The range of branded tea products include Sasini Gold, Sasini Chai and Sasini Premium in loose and in tea bag form.
The range of Coffee products include Kahawa Bamba and Sasini Instant coffee. Our tea and coffee products are certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards and have been awarded the Bureau’s Diamond Mark of Quality.

Dairy Operations

Sasini maintains a herd of Holstein Friesian cattle in its Mweiga Farm. Ongoing improvements in this herd since 1965 has resulted in high quality dairy cattle that have regularly maintained the number one position at both the regional and national agricultural shows Friesian competitions.
A modern free stall zero grazing unit was built from March 2012 to October 2012 for the cows.

The unit has a capacity to hold 200 mature cows and consists of lock ups and feed alleys for individual attention and feeding, sleeping area and free stalls feed driveway for feeding and water troughs, drainages and pass ways around the unit. In free stall design, each cow is accorded individual attention in feeding, monitoring, comfort, proper ventilation and free passage. These parameters guarantees healthier and cleaner cows that translates to improved milk production.