Our Board of Directors is made up of a team of seasoned business practitioners. It includes individuals with a diverse range of business experience in manufacturing, services, government and academia. In keeping with best practice in Corporate Governance, the Board is Chaired by an Independent Director and it comprises both independent and non independent members.
The Board is further structured into three Board subcommittees which include:

  1. Management and Finance Committee
  2. Audit Committee
  3. Remunerations and Nominations Committee

The members of the Board are:

Dr. James Boyd Mcfie – Chairman
Dr. Naushad Noorali Merali
Dr. Samuel Kanga Odalo, DBA – Acting Group Managing Director
Dr. Steve Omenge Mainda
Mr. Sameer Naushad Merali
Akif Hamid Butt
Mrs. Rosemary Munyiri
Mrs. Betty Koech


Our management team comprises seasoned professionals in Agri Business Management and Corporate office functions necessary to support our Business operations. They head specific Business and support functions with the Company and are held accountable for the specific results and services they are expected to deliver on.

Teamwork is critical in the diverse activities they are involved in and regular management meetings ensure that the team exploits all synergies between the various business units and support functions. Key Management staff is made up of six Managers assisted by more than 100 other Managers responsible for the staff complement of over 4,000 staff members.

Key Management includes:

Dr. Samuel Kanga Odalo, DBA – Acting Group Managing Director
Mr. Shashidhar Menon – Managing Director, Kipkebe Limited
Mr. James Muriithi Kieu – General Manager, Coffee Operations
Ms. Priscah Muthoni Keah – Head of Human Resources