Sasini Pioneers a Revolution in the Dairy Industry in Kenya

Dairy farming in Rural Kenya is still predominantly a cultural activity, with the majority of the farmers having Dairy Genotypes that producebetween 3 liters to 5 liters of milk per day, which is far below the potential output of 30-60 litres per day. Using modern technology and advanced dairy practices a small number of farms today have genetics that average 8,000-9,000 liters of milk/cow/lactation


The development of dairy in Kenya continues to face challenges from subdivisions of land toSmaller and smaller dairy units which more often than not are uneconomical to run. The high cost of land resulting from diversification to real estates in prime lands and Poor synergy between producers and processors, Wasteful transportation costs, Lack of access to good genetics and high cost of inputs and low producer prices from processors.

Sasini’s Plan to Change the Situation:

Sasini has come up with a two pronged approach to remedy this situation|:

  • (a)  To increase the production of high quality dairy via use of Embryo transfer. This will involve AI and use of carefully selected Boran Cows which are disease free and in good body condition serving as Surrogate Mothers.

  • (b)  Establish a ‘Cow Hotel’ where Individuals who may desire to own High Quality Dairy cattle but lack the necessary resources i.e. land, time, knowhow etc.will be enabled to purchase and own the cattle jointly with Sasini. Sasini will take care of the animals at its Dairy unit and the proceeds from the Milk will be shared.

A Pilot Scheme for the Embryo transfer process was successfully launched at Sasini’s Mweiga Estate – Nyeri in 2014 in partnership with Consultants from Livestock Genetics Society of East Africa & East African Semen and Embryo Transfer Association

For more info click the download link below

Sasinis Embryo Transfer

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