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A New Perspective Can Grow Your Business

Writen by Sasini PLC

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“It’s not just pioneering work in this market and in this industry – it’s also global groundbreaking work” Martin Ochieng, Group CEO, Sasini PLC calls the dynamic and creative dialog with Maersk essential to the core business.

Kenyan-based Sasini PLC has been in the tea business for over 70 years and is East Africa’s biggest agricultural company. It produces and markets high-quality tea under its own brands, as well as for leading global brands and in addition produces coffee, avocados and macadamia nuts.

“The only thing that is constant for us is seeking new ideas. How can we do this better? Our strategy and our mindset are geared towards new things; challenging what’s there today. That is one of the most basic competencies we have”, says Martin Ochieng and points to Maersk’s similar ambitions to think ahead.

The answer to minding quality and supply was a truly integrated logistic solution with Maersk. A sophisticated yet simple approach:

“With tea, it’s critical that you handle it as little as possible. The less you move a bag of tea from one container or one truck to another, the better you protect the quality of your tea. And by placing the Maersk containers directly on the tea farm we do just that. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?” asks Martin Ochieng, giving credit to the partnership with Maersk.

Truly integrated logistics has become the holistic approach to supply chain management that raises the value of Sasini’s core business. This insightful approach optimizes the flow of goods and information across the entire supply chain, from the manufacturer to the end customer.

“We have to keep challenging ourselves and we have to keep growing. That growth comes from not being afraid to try new things. And our partnership with Maersk takes our journey to new paths”, says Martin Ochieng.

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