Environmental Sustainability

Sasini PLC’s operations are compliant with the requirements of the Environmental Management and Coordination Act. We are enthusiastic about conserving the environment and will maintain the good stewardship by ensuring sustainability of the environment for posterity.

We already have sound ecosystem conservation programmes with supporting policies that protect the ravines, riparian areas, production areas and all natural habitat of flora and fauna. The Company maintains over 700 hectares of forests in its tea operations and we continue to undertake a sustained forestation and reforestation programmes every year in water catchment areas and these areas serve as the source of spring water and streams for use on the farms.

The 700 hectares of forest comprise Eucalyptus trees, with 35 Hectares thereof comprising indigenous forests which is home to various birds and wildlife such as porcupines, vervet monkeys, aardvarks and civet cats. These environmental conservation activities are critical to our Rain Forest Alliance certification program but even more importantly are a clear indication of our commitment to conducting our business in a sustainable manner.

In our coffee operations, both exotic and indigenous forests have been introduced in order to improve our immediate environment and create a source of timber for fuel.

Every coffee estate has maintained between 5 – 13% of its land under forest and 2 – 10% under grass for mulch.

We have established tree nurseries in the coffee estates for ongoing re-forestation. In our Mount Kenya region based Mweiga Estate, we have established the single largest tree nursery for the ongoing extensive re-forestation exercise for the expansive Aberdare Mountain Range National Park. The Company has also established water reservoirs and introduced fish for recreational fishing as well as a food source for the staff members based in Mweiga estate.

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