Coffee Operations

Our coffee operations include coffee growing and forestry. Coffee is grown on six independent estates in the Central Highland of Kenya covering a total of 775 Hectares (1,915 acres) under coffee. Collectively, the plantations have a capacity to produce an average of 1200MT of coffee annually. The coffee plantations are specifically situated in Kiambu County near Nairobi and Nyeri on the foot hills of Mount Kenya. The coffee comprising 90% is exported directly to overseas roasters and trade houses across Europe, Asia and America while the balance is offloaded through the Nairobi Coffee Exchange.
We have maintained traditional coffee varieties including SL. 28, French mission, K7, Blue Mountain, grafted Ruiru 11 and Geisha. Each estate has its own pulping and wet processing facility. The mill is able to mill our own coffees including other farmers’ coffees. The mill has a daily capacity to produce 3,200 bags of green coffee. This constitutes about 20% of Kenya’s total coffee production.

Our Farms

Kiambu County:
Upper Kiambu : Kamundu, Ting’ang’a and Kakindu estates
Lower Kiambu : Doondu, Ruiru Mills and Gulmarg estates



Our Coffee Varieties

SL. 28

French Mission


Grafted Ruiru


Bulk Coffee

  • A blend of both primary and secondary grades.
  • AA, AB, C, PB, T, TT, HE, E, UG, UG1, UG2, UG3, UG4, UG5, UG6
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