Sasini Tea

Tea Processes

Our tea operations include growing, processing, warehousing and marketing of bulk tea through the Mombasa auction and through direct sales to customers overseas. About 99% of the produce is exported to United Kingdom, Europe and Middle East Countries. Our tea farms are located in the highlands West of the Rift Valley in Sotik and Nyamira areas. The operations comprise four large tea estates covering 1,463 hectares and two CTC tea factories (Kipkebe and Keritor) with a combined capacity of between 12,000 and 15,000 MT of black CTC tea annually. Green leaf to the factories is supplied from our own farms and from selected out growers in the region. Out growers contribute about 40% of our green leaf intake.

Our tea estates

Kipkebe estate

Keritor estate

Magura estate

Kiptenden estate

Our Retail Tea

Gold Brand

  • A pure tea of  primary PF1 grade.
  • High quality ,  strong leaf and bright colours to give a satisfying cup when brewed
  • Black leaf appearance
  • Available in loose tea and tea bags.
  • Loose tea in 250g and 500g pouches
  • Tea bags/sachets in 50`s and 100`s.

Premium Brand

  • F1(fannings) are secondary grades.A blend of premium sasini teas, both primary and secondary grades of tea.
  • Available in 4g ,13g 50g 100g 250g and 500g pack sizes.

Chai Brand

  • A blend of both primary and secondary grades to bring out our finest tea making and blending qualities
  • Available as loose tea and tea bags.
  • Loose tea in sachets 4g & 13g., soft packs in 50g,, 100g., 250g. and 500g.
  • Tea bags untagged in 50`s and 100`s.

Bulk Tea

Below is the range of our offerings in tea which are produced in six distinct marks, namely, Kipkebe Mark, Keritor Mark, Magura Mark, Sakawa Mark, Kiptenden Mark and Sett Mark:

Primary Grade

  • We produce primary grades including BP1, PF1, PD and D1.

Secondary Grade

  • Secondary grades include BP, PF, F1, D, D2 and BMF