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Pioneering Swift Settlements

Writen by Sasini PLC

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Farming is no mean feat. We as well as our outgrower Farmers communities invest extensively and put our life’s work into producing bountiful harvests. Tireless toil. Fervent dedication. Powering growth. And we believe no good deed should go unrewarded. For their feat, we reward our farmers . Reason why we shortened the length of time it takes to put money directly into deserving farmers’ hands. Energising lives. Influencing smiles.

We put in effort to reduce the paperwork, to make this dream work. Tightened the payment procedure, while still keeping a keen eye on leaks and discrepancies – ensuring accountability. Sharpened precision. Brought ourselves closer to the farmer. Founded a rapport, and in the process, built valuable trust. It is our deliberate way of doing sustainable business.

We were not trying to reinvent the wheel. We were simply staying true to our commitment. And it worked beautifully. Like chlorophyll coursing through a leaf’s veins, powered by light.

The process took flight. Gained a life of its own. The exercise was shortened to just 24 hours, instantly improving farmers’ financial stability. Enabling them to reinvest into their farms, upgrading farming practice, powering rural economies, and ultimately, powering life. This is how we spice the socio-economic development of the host communities.

Holding hands and walking together has limitless potential. This is the beauty of constantly supporting and empowering farmers. Over 300 farmers of the Hass variety of Avocado continue to benefit from this initiative. In return, we continue growing this unity as we seek to seamlessly merge agricultural development, the improvement of farmers’ lives and economic growth.

SDG Tags: #1 No Poverty, #3 Good Health & Wellbeing, #8 Decent Work & Economic Growth

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