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In our ongoing diversification efforts, driven by our commitment to global well-being, we have introduced macadamia nut processing at our farms in Kiambu County near Nairobi and Mweiga in Nyeri County.

This venture is managed by our subsidiary, Sasini Fruits & Nuts EPZ Kenya Limited, aligning with our mission to support UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 for healthy lives and well-being. We source mature, unprocessed macadamia nuts in shell from well managed farms in the region. Our own orchards involve the intercropping of macadamia trees with coffee bushes for future sustainability. These nuts are processed in our state-of-the-art factory and primarily exported to the UK, Europe, the USA and some parts of Asia.

Our factory, which was commissioned in March 2019, prioritises food safety and utilises the latest technology, capable of cracking 4 million kilograms of nuts in shells annually with high kernel recovery. We are also focused on expanding our orchards for better quality, quantity, and traceability, along with establishing a nursery for certified seedlings.

Our Certifications

Our commitment to food safety is reflected in our certifications:

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