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Sasini Avocado

From Farm To Table

In line with our strategic diversification efforts and commitment to global health, we ventured into the avocado business through our subsidiaries, Sasini Avocado EPZ Ltd and Sasini Avocado Limited.

This move aligns with our mission of "nourishing our world" and supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 for healthy lives.

We have planted our orchards to sustain production of the Hass Avocado.

Sasini Avocado EPZ Ltd packs avocados at our pack house situated in the Sameer Industrial Park, strategically located off Mombasa Road for easy access to transportation via air, road and sea. Our rigorous traceability system ensures the origin of our fruits, and we test for Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) using ISO 17025-certified laboratories.

Our Certifications

Our commitment to food safety is reflected in our certifications:

Packing Specifications

Packing is done according to EU avocado specifications below;

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