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Geographic Expansion

Writen by Sasini PLC

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In Africa, agriculture thrives as both a livelihood and a way of life, and we have embarked on a transformative journey in this sector. With strategic foresight and dedication to sustainable farming, we are rapidly extending our reach across Kenya’s diverse terrains. 

Our expansion covers vast areas including Kiambu, Mweiga’s fertile fields, and Kipekebe estates. This demonstrates our ambitious vision to become the largest agribusiness in Africa. At the core of our expansion is the dedication we have to planting indigenous trees with the aim of preserving the environment and helping fight climate change.

In Kiambu, we own a large piece of land spanning 1,915 acres, renowned for its production of some of the world’s best coffee and macadamia nuts. Our process begins with careful crop cultivation, ensuring that the highest quality is maintained from seed to export.

Mweiga estate is a vast area of land spanning 956 acres and is dedicated to growing Hass avocados and macadamia nuts. We have created a sanctuary for these crops, taking advantage of the global popularity of Hass avocados and macadamia nuts. Our commitment to organic and sustainable farming practices ensures that our avocados are enjoyed on tables across the globe.

Indigenous forestry and cash crops thrive together in Mweiga, creating a diverse landscape that embodies our mission to preserve the environment and nurture local ecosystems.
Kipekebe estate is an impressive 1,729 acres, that embodies our ethos of diversification. Here, tea, forestry, and avocados co-exist harmoniously. Our portfolio features tea prominently since it is a global staple. The estate has a reputation for producing high-quality tea due to careful cultivation techniques that ensure only the best tea reaches consumers. 

Kipekebe’s agricultural tapestry, much like in Kiambu and Mweiga, also includes indigenous trees. We recognize the importance of these trees as they are the lifeblood of the land, maintaining soil health, preventing erosion, and managing water resources efficiently.

As we continue to grow, we aspire to bolster economic development, create employment opportunities, and uplift local communities. Our vision paints a future where “Made in Africa” signifies the highest quality, sustainability, and innovation.

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